If you have the time and money to make big changes like repainting or re-doing a bathroom that is fantastic!  However these days most Sellers don’t have that extra cash to make these changes so we came up with a list of 10 Quick Tips that will make your home sale ready with minimal effort and money.

  1. PUT FOCUS ON FRONT DOOR – This is the 1st thing that Buyers will see so make sure it is clean.  Consider repainting the door, adding new hardware or spray painting the existing, and replace the front mat if it is frayed or worn.
  2. CLEAN – Remove clutter & clear off counters.  Buyers are coming to see your home, NOT your stuff so throw out stacks of magazines & newspapers.  Stow away most of your small decorative items, clean up your closet, remove magnets from refrigerator, etc.
  3. BRIGHTEN UP THE ROOMS – Replace missing light bulbs, open the blinds, and draw back the curtains.  Letting in natural light makes rooms feel open & bright!
  4. REMOVE RUGS – Pull up rugs in the kitchen, bathrooms, and living spaces! This includes bathmats and area rugs.
  5. SPRUCE UP YOUR YARD – Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, rake the leaves, edge the walkways, etc.  First thing Buyers see when they come to the house is the exterior and landscaping so make it look well kept & inviting!
  6. ADD SOME COLOR – Consider buying a colored throw or Afghan blanket for the couch or maybe some new decorative pillows to give a punch of color.
  7. GET RID OF SMELLS – Have pets? Consider picking one light scent and add plug-ins throughout the home so the house smells fresh & clean.  Nothing turns a Buyer off quicker than a strange odor!
  8. PREPARE BED & BATHS – Make your bed and put away your laundry, old towels, and personal toiletry items.  Buyers are trying to envision this house as theirs so let’s not distract them with dirty laundry and frayed toothbrushes. Take it up a notch and purchase new towels, new shower curtain, and some fancy guest soaps to make a bathroom feel luxurious!
  9. CENTERPIECES FOR YOUR TABLE – Simple as a bowl of brightly colored fruit or fresh flower arrangement.
  10. SECURE VALUABLES – Although a real estate agent will be on site during showings, it is impossible to watch everyone so just to be safe lock up valuables, jewelry, and money.