Property Management

At Tipton Group Real Estate, we are a consumer too. And a pretty demanding one at that. So our goal? Build a property management firm that even we would hire. And build it around the things we find important.

  • Simplicity

    Life is completed enough so we value things that make the mundane easy. Technology allows you to do that. Through our use of cutting edge
    technology we are able to streamline the leasing process and offer quicker and more efficient service to our owners and tenants. What do we mean by this?

    • Online Applications
    • Owner Direct Deposits
    • IPhone/Ipad App Allows for Tenants to Make an Application Directly from the Property
  • Security

    Securing your money, your information, and your asset is paramount. How do we do this?

    • All monies are kept in an FDIC Insured Trust Account and Each Owner is Insured Up to $250,000
    • CPA Reconciles our accounts each month
    • Strict adherence to all landlord tenant laws
    • Thorough tenant screening
    • Property Inspections
  • Service

    When customer service is your job. We think great is ordinary. We strive for extraordinary. We also we believe everyone we work with from our clients to our maintenance vendors, deserves the same extraordinary experience.

  • Value

    So what is value? For us value is feeling like we paid a fair price…and got more than we expected. This is what we try to deliver.


    So if Simplicity, Security, Service and Value are important to you. Our firm may be a good match.

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