Thank you for entrusting Tipton Group Real Estate to handle the sale of your home.  Since the sale will be a Short Sale, we need to ensure that we have information about your loans as well as the documents that will be required by most servicers.  Much of the information that may have been required when you got the loans will be required to help you get out of the loans. We realize that this information gathering process can be overwhelming for some people.  Please know that nearly 75%-80% of your “work” is upfront so once you have completed the below, our work begins.

Step 1:  Click Here to Complete an online Client Information Form

Step 2:  Click Here to Complete an online Short Sale Information Form

Before starting to complete this online form, you will want to do the following:  

Step 3: Expense and Asset Worksheet

Please complete and email a copy back to us for review.  This is for our internal use at this point.  Please note that your lender(s) will likely have their own forms/short sale applications that we will need to complete that will ask about your income and expenses.

Step 4:  Borrower Authorization to Discuss Information with Tipton Group Real Estate

Please complete, print out, sign and date.

Step 5:  Property ID Order Form

Please complete, print out, sign and date. When we get an offer on your property we will need to order a 5 Year Insurance Claims History and provide it to the Buyer.   The company we use is Property ID.

Step 6:  Seller Property Disclosure Statement (Please complete, print out, sign and date. )

Step 7: Form 710: Uniform Borrower Assistance Form (Please complete, print out, sign and date.)

Step 8: 4506-T: Request for Transcript of Tax Return (Please complete, print out, sign and date.)

Step 9:  Short Sale Required Documents Checklist

Please print out the checklist and begin gathering these documents in either electronic format (pdf) or paper format.  

Please note that our preferred method for collecting any electronic documents is to have our clients directly upload these into our password protect Short Sale Commander website.  We will send you a link to do this.  IF you prefer to give us paper documents then we will scan these and upload them to Short Sale Commander and then shred the documents immediately or return them to you.

Step 8:  Start drafting your hardship letter.

This letter is intended to explain the circumstances that have led to your need to sell your home via a short sale.  I like to review a draft copy before you finalize.  You can just email me your initial draft for our review/discussion.

Please note, that all the information we receive is confidential and is not shared with ANYONE outside of the transaction.

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